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Add the Benefits of GIFT CARDS to Your Business

Take advantage of 50 free customized cards and a 60 day free trial to add the many benefits of gift cards to your business. Gift cards improve customer loyalty and act as miniature billboards improving brand awareness and reminding customers to return to your location every time the card is seen. They are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the country and Harbortouch offers a comprehensive gift card solution that can easily be added to your business.


Electronic Gift Card Advantages

Unlike traditional paper certificates, the balance on the card is automatically updated with each use. This process eliminates the need for you to provide a cash reimbursement to your customers for the remaining value of the card. Gift cards can also be reloaded with additional value, making them an ideal tool to promote repeat shopping. Additionally, customers generally spend more than the amount of the gift card and cards that are never utilized (lost or forgotten) represent 100% profit to you!


The Perfect Gift Card Package

Harbortouch offers a variety of gift card options to suit your specific needs. Choose from a broad selection of pre-designed card templates or produce your own cards with custom artwork and images. A simple and intuitive online interface allows you to easily select a template or upload your own image and then customize with your business information. Select different fonts, colors and text placement to suit your unique business needs. Each package contains gift card sleeves and envelopes, window decals and a tabletop display with insert.


Additional Benefits

Gift cards are great for cash flow because they are prepaid before you provide the goods and services allowing you to invest these prepaid dollars into your business. They make great “thank you's” and incentives to potential customers or can be given in place of cash for returns. Gift cards also take up minimal space and are easy to stock and display. You will even have access to your daily gift card activity as well as comprehensive reporting via Harbortouch Online. Additionally, your customers will be able to check the balance of their cards online.


Add Electronic Gift Cards To Your Business

Gift cards have become one of the most convenient and sought after items for consumers searching for the perfect gift. Harbortouch offers a variety of gift card package options or you can select a custom order to accommodate your specific gift card needs. Contact your local sales office and get started with 50 free gift cards today.


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a management and reporting tool that communicates information between the Interactive Merchant System and your POS system, effectively integrating the POS and credit card aspects of your business. It eliminates the need for a back-office PC by allowing you to access the information on your POS system from any computer with an Internet connection. Among other features, the Lighthouse enables you to run various real-time reports and even make changes to your menu remotely. The Lighthouse puts you in total control of your business, without being tied to your business!


* Access your sales reports

* Access your inventory reports

* View your statements

* View your chargebacks

* View your deposits

* Edit menu items

* Live chat feature

* View “How-to” demonstration videos

* Read Quick Reference Guides and FAQs


Access Reports From Anywhere, Anytime

View standard POS reports such as sales and inventory reports directly on your Harbortouch POS system or from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition to POS reports, you will also have access to reports that pertain to your merchant account, such as statements, chargebacks and deposits. The Lighthouse gives you easy access to a top-level view of your business no matter where you are.


Manage Your Harbortouch Pos System Remotely

You don't need to be at your business location to make changes to your POS system. Update your menu items or products remotely through the Lighthouse. Simply log on to the Interactive Merchant System to add, delete or edit items on your POS system. Quickly and easily change an item's name, description, price or quantity from any computer with an Internet connection.


Easy Access to Harbortouch Help Resources

The Lighthouse offers easy access to Harbortouch support materials directly from your POS system. How-to demonstration videos and quick reference guides are only a click away. If these resources don't answer your question, take advantage of instant access to live help chat with a Harbortouch technician.



CHARGE Anywhere® Mobile Payment Solution

The CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment Solution* allows you to use your Blackberry® or PDA to process payments securely and in real-time over any wireless network. CHARGE Anywhere empowers your phone to accept payments, transforming your everyday smartphone into a complete wireless credit card terminal. You can even take advantage of card-present rates while away from the storefront with an optional Bluetooth® card reader/ receipt printer!


Access Reports From Anywhere, Anytime

View standard POS reports such as sales and inventory reports directly on your Harbortouch POS system or from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition to POS reports, you will also have access to reports that pertain to your merchant account, such as statements, chargebacks and deposits. The Lighthouse gives you easy access to a top-level view of your business no matter where you are.


Perfect For Mobile Merchants

This software application is the perfect solution for any merchant conducting business within a mobile environment, including:


* Retail

* Towing

* Delivery

* Taxi/limo

* Contractors

* And more!


Secure Processing

* Staying PCI compliant is easy while using the CHARGE Anywhere application by receiving over-the-air downloads and updates!

* PA DSS validated secure payment application for any Windows Mobile® device and most BlackBerry smartphones.


Hassle Free

Installation couldn't be easier! Wirelessly download CHARGE Anywhere, enter your merchant profile, and you are up and running in a matter of minutes. CHARGE Anywhere eliminates the need to carry a phone and a POS terminal. True to the name of the software, you will be able to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime!

Contact your Harbortouch sales representative today to begin accepting credit card payments on the go!


Petroleum Pay-at-Pump Solutions

Customers who utilize pay-at-pump services are seeking convenience, speed and security when making electronic payments. Harbortouch can provide an impressive petroleum program with full pay-at-pump functionality, high-speed processing and advanced security for any gas station or convenience store.


Comprehensive Payment Options

Harbortouch can equip your business with a complete payment system. In addition to full Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Debit acceptance, we can enable you to accept Wright Express and Voyager Fleet cards as well as many private label Fleet gas cards. Offering multiple payment options will keep your customers coming back again and again.


Advance Security

Harbortouch provides a variety of security options in order to protect your business from fraudulent transactions. Our Address Verification Service (AVS) reduces fraud by requiring customers to know and enter their credit card billing zip codes. We also offer Velocity Checking, which limits the number of times a customer can use the same payment card at the pump within a designated period of time. If either of these security measures is activated, the cardholder will be referred inside.


Take Advantage of Pay-At-Pump Services Today!

If you offer pay-at-pump services or accept Fleet Cards at your business, Harbortouch can provide you with a payment option that will save you money and accommodate all of your customers' transaction needs. Contact Harbortouch today to learn more about our advanced petroleum program with highspeed authorizations.




You now have access to one of the top five profit generating categories for con-venience, grocery and gas retailers!


Retailer Benefits:

* Earn commission on every product: wireless, long distance, Visa Debit, Bill Payment, International Mobile

* Access your inventory reports

* Commission paid daily

* FREE set-up

* FREE card stock

* FREE Merchandising Materials

* Professional and reliable customer support



Simplify Your Check Acceptance

Accepting checks is as easy as accepting a credit card, thanks to our exclusive Check Conversion Plus program. This innovative service automates check acceptance at the point of sale. With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed and deposited into your merchant account—that means fewer trips to the bank, reduced bank fees, and less paperwork.


How it Works:

* Customer writes check

* Clerk accepts check, reviews it, writes in the necessary information

* Check is run through a check imager

* Check information is sent through the terminal for authorization

* Customer signs receipt

* Check is given back to the customer

* Image is stored electronically

* Funds are automatically deposited to the merchant account



Merchant Payment Solutions

Processing transactions reliably and securely is essential to your business. Authorize.Net, the leading Internet Protocol (IP) based payment gateway, provides solutions you can trust. More than 136,000 merchants depend on us to process their transactions, assist in the prevention of fraud, and help their business grow. We offer a wide range of services and tools to enhance your business and increase your revenues, regardless of your business model — Web, retail, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) or mobile.


Industry-Leading Security

With Authorize.Net, your customers can be confident their data is secure. Sensitive customer information is protected using only the highest levels of encryption and security protocols.


+ Authorize.Net uses industry standard 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure IP transactions.

+ Authorize.Net is independently validated as compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard — a strict industry-wide standard designed to protect sensitive information.


Stable and Reliable

Authorize.Net has been a payments leader since 1996 and has one of the longest track records in the industry. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24x7, 365 days a year. Our secure, fully redundant data centers provide continuous connectivity to the Internet, so you are always able to process transactions.


Fraud Prevention

Fraud costs merchants billions of dollars each year. We offer a variety of features to help protect your business. In fact, other payment gateways charge additional fees for features that are automatically included with an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.


+ Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Code Verification (CCV) provide a high level of protection as part of our standard payment gateway features.

+ Authorize.Net’s Fraud Management Department is dedicated to educating merchants on how to use security features, as well as helping them detect and prevent suspicious transactions.


Free Technical Support

horize.Net’s exceptional technical and account support team provides free support to merchants seven days a week. Representatives are available via tollfree phone, e-mail, or live chat from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific time. We also provide documentation and FAQs to help keep your business running smoothly.