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Harbortouch 8020

The Harbortouch 8020 is the leading wireless payment device available on the market. It is the ideal solution for businesses seeking the most effective way to complete credit card transactions off-site and boasts a wide range of payment services. The 8020 is an all-in-one terminal that can accommodate all of your mobile transaction needs and Harbortouch will provide you with this high-tech equipment!


The Ideal Terminal for Businesses with Wireless Needs

The Harbortouch 8020 is the ideal solution for businesses seeking the most effective way to complete credit card transactions off-site and boasts a wide range of payment services. The Harbortouch 8020 supports credit and debit transactions and is also equipped with an internal pin-pad.


Impressive Capabilities

The 8020 is a lightweight, handheld wireless device that works on the reliable Cingular GPRS network and enables mobile retailers to bring their products and services directly to their customers. The device is PCI PED compliant and contains a large touchscreen and a fast, quiet thermal printer. The Harbortouch 8020 also features an 18 button ergonomically designed back-lit keypad with programmable quick keys.


Add a Harbortouch 8020 to Your Location Today

The Harbortouch 8020's wireless functionality and dependability cannot be matched by any other wireless terminal. The 8020 is the most flexible terminal on the market today and its diverse features, simple to use graphical interface and compact size make it an ideal all-in-one payment solution for any business. Contact Harbortouch today and add the power of wireless credit card processing to your location today!


Electronic Cash Register

United Bank Card has partnered with Casio to introduce the first electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing. This exclusive technology now delivers the ultimate payment solution and its yours .

This stylish and functional cash register was designed specifically for the retail environment. Thirty department keys can be customized to meet your particular operational needs. Each key can be customized through a simple and easy to use online wizard, allowing you to know the exact specifications of your register before it ever reaches your doorstep. This electronic cash register is the ideal solution for nearly all retail businesses and comes complete with cash drawer and backlit customer display.


Integrated Payment Processing

Each electronic cash register comes complete with a secure (PCI PED*) integrated payment terminal to enable fast and user friendly payment options. This secure device supports dial-up or ethernet connectivity and its sleek, compact design fits easily in the palm of your hand. With a wide array of convenient features, it is the perfect device to streamline your electronic payment system. Enjoy all the functionality of an electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing at no cost! Contact your sales representative today for more information.



Harbotouch Hospitality

It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of a point of sale (POS) system. Harbortouch offers a full-featured point of sale system without all the hassle or the high cost. We removed the cost barrier and simplified the process so you can easily transition from your current transaction terminal to a state of the art touch-screen POS system that will streamline your business operations and automate your daily management activities. Harbortouch offers countless time and money saving features that will allow you to focus on what's important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!


The Compelte Package

When investing in a Harbortouch POS system, you're not only getting state-of-the-art software; you are also getting top-of-the-line hardware. Each piece of equipment that makes up every Harbortouch system has been specifically developed to perform in the most demanding restaurant environments. Unmatched in durability and reliability, a Harbortouch system will provide a point of sale solution for years to come.


Stremline Your Business

* Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application.

* Accept cash, checks, credit and debit directly through your POS system

* “Fresh Sheet” and internal messaging features keep employees informed

* Manage employee schedules and productivity

* Track employee hours with a built-in time clock

* Comprehensive reports provide a top-level picture of your business

Save Time and Money

* Increase wait staff efficiency

* Quicker table turns

* Reduce server and kitchen errors

* “Fresh Sheet” keeps servers informed of items on-hand




Onsite Installation and Exceptional Support

* Experienced and certified installation professionals make sure your system is set up correctly the first time

* 24 hour in-house customer service and technical support

* Remote support allows the Harbortouch support team to repair any software issues at any time



Payment Powerhouse

An end-to-end payment processing software solution, PAYware PC will transform your business. W ith virtually zero investment in hardware, you can easily accept all forms of payment and access a host of reporting and management tools through a familiar interface based on Microsoft O ffice.™ All with your current PC or PC-based POS system. I ntegration is seamless. PAYware PC functions with your current applications. Transactions are fast and secure. Compliance becomes a snap with security updates downloading automatically. Take your business to a whole new level with PAYware PC.


Integra tion – Seamless and Efficient

* Simple installation transforms any existing PC or PC-based POS into a fast, secure payment processing system

* Eliminates the need to buy additional hardware for payment processing

* Functions with current applications


Powerful, Secure Functionality

* Accepts all payment types, including credit, debit, checks, gift/loyalty and EBT

* Supports recurring payments for more convenience and efficiency

* Features robust reporting, customer and peripheral management tools

* Meets up-to-date compliance standards for PCI and PA-DSS compliance

* Automatically downloads security patches, ensuring up-to-the-minute compliance

For Any Business With A PC

* Ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses seeking an easy, affordable solution for payment processing

* Leverages your PC investment, working with your existing system

* Reduces fraud and simplifies PCI and PA-DSS compliance with automatic upgrades for greater peace of mind




Pay Ware PC

PAYware PC’s familiar Windows-based interface with colorful icons and easy menu options makes it simple to learn and use. The clean, intuitive design upgrades your PC into a powerful tool for payment processing and reporting, as well as customer and peripheral management.


RDM EC6000i Gen2 Check Imager

The RDM EC6000i check imager offers industry leading MICR and image technology in a compact design with a small footprint. The EC6000i Gen2 series is setting the standard for check imaging and also delivers check conversion and check guarantee capabilities. Harbortouch is now offering this check imager completely free of charge!



* Check guarantee reduces risk from accepting NSF or bounced checks, eliminating losses and fees from bounced checks practically overnight

* Check conversion automatically deposits checks into your bank account, eliminating the need to take trips to the bank

* Delivers the industry's highest MICR read accuracy using RDM's patented technology

* Crisp, clear binary images exceed industry standards

* Low administrative returns due to MICR misreads and rejects

* Increased internal image storage capacity

* Simple and functional usability


Add a Free RDM Check Reader to Your Location Today!

The RDM EC6000i offers a reliable and versatile check imager with extraordinary performance. Contact Harbortouch today to add this functional product to your location absolutely free of charge!



Harbortouch T4220 Terminal

The Harbortouch T4220 dual communication terminal is one of the most capable IP terminals in the industry today and Harbortouch is now offering it to you! Harbortouch is providing best-of-breed terminal features into this powerful IP device to suit any customer's needs - large or small.


Secure IP Functionality

The Harbortouch T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The harborotuch T4220 comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds.


Simple and Easy to Use

An intuitive and easy to use design make the T4220 one of the most functional terminals on the market. Large, ADA-style, 19-key layout allows for easy key recognition and the Clear, Enter, Cancel and “5” keys provide tactile feedback for visually-impaired customers. The slim form factor makes it perfect for handover transactions. Also, the SureLoad® thermal printer design with clear lid alerts cashiers to low paper conditions and the simple drop-in loading virtually eliminates paper jams. The graphics-capable printer even allows you to print logos and coupons directly at the point of service! For installation and maintenance, color-coded port labels simplify service and support and industry-leading software includes the functionality necessary to introduce value-added applications.


Add a T4220 Terminal to Your Location Today!

The Harbortouch T4220 offers simple, easy to use features while providing extraordinary performance. Contact Harbortouch today to add this high-speed terminal to your location!



Harbortouch Vx510 IP Terminal

Harbortouch has added this ultra high performance terminal to its Equipment Program. The Vx510 offers flexible, secure and high speed communications for all of your business needs.



The Vx510 offers a choice of two connectivity options: Ethernet and dial. The dual communications options allow built-in dial capability to be used today, then switched to Ethernet at any time. Merchants with existing broadband service can immediately process payments. It's simple, reliable and futureproof.



The PCI PED approved Vx 510 also offers the latest and most reliable security protections, including SSL, 3DES encryption, MasterCard PTS, Master/Session and DUKPT key management. Also, Harbortouch’s file authentication software provides unsurpassed protection against unauthorized access to payment devices, while securely accommodating trusted third parties.


Easy to Use Design

Intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, ergonomic keys and bold menu prompts minimize clerk training, speed lines and reduce errors. Additionally, the sleek and stylish Vx510 has an extremely small footprint to save counter space and utilizes a “hand-over” design for customer PIN entry.


Add a Harbotouch Vx510 to Your Location Today!

The Harbortouch Vx510 offers extraordinary performance for payment and value-added applications and it dramatically reduces transaction time to just a few seconds. Contact Harbortouch today to add this versatile terminal to your location !