About Us

ACS Processing Company is a national provider of Electronic Payment Solutions. Offering Point-of-Sale Solutions, Electronic Check Conversion, ATM’s, Gift Cards, Online Payments, ACH Processing, Government Agency Solutions, and other innovative processing solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet our customers payment processing needs. We place our leading-edge payment solutions in hundreds of merchant locations in the US. Our specialized approach to merchant payment processing industry makes ACS Processing one of the fastest growing provider in the US marketplace.


Our Services

  • Electronic Payment Solutions
  • We place our leading-edge payment solutions
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Other innovative processing solutions

Alliance Partner Banks


ACS can help your institution acheive it's economic initiatives by improving service and profitability with our merchant service tools for our mutual customers. ACS seeks to partner with Banks, Credit Unions, and Associations to provide customers with the best customer service skills available in the industry, state of the art equipment and services like POS Systems and Check Conversion, with very competitive processing rates. Not only will your customers benefit from this program, but your institution will be federally recognized as an DBE sponsor for working with our federally certified DBE/MBE organization.